The LG Marketplace is an NFT marketplace that people can access on the website and also in the LG MMO in the future.
LittleGhosts has an marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade the NFTs of LittleGhosts. They can also trade NFTs for NFTs and create timed auctions where people can bid on the NFTs. The marketplace also has an function built directly inside of it that taxes sales and uses a portion of that to spread to ghost nft holders and minters. LittleGhosts does not have the power to change the taxes within the contract and it is decentralized since its creation.
The LG marketplace contract charges a 10% tax that is split in the following ways:
  • 3% goes to the development team
  • 5% is split evenly to the holders of LittleGhosts
  • 2% is split evenly to all the original minters of LittleGhosts
The minter and holder rewards are very similar and are based on the amount of ghosts you currently hold or minted. That means by holding more ghosts you will get more rewards! Unfortunately you will not receive any rewards if your ghosts are listed!
Disclaimer: Please take in account that LittleGhosts can exist in multiple markets across many chains and we can not always get a tax that follows the LG marketplace breakdown or get a tax at all in some cases. That being said the biggest utility for ghosts is not the rewards from the marketplace(s) but the governance and utility it will give you in the game and ecosystem. LittleGhosts does not promise any rewards for holding or minting ghosts.