LittleGhosts started by releasing a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTS on the BNBChain. These NFTs provide a bunch of utility in the game and in our ecosystem.

LittleGhosts NFT Collection

LittleGhosts NFTs started as a collection of 10,000 2d animated gifs that were released August 22, 2021 and they were done minting by October 15, 2021. They used a strategic bonding curve that was not normal for bonding curves at that time. The cost of the NFTs were as followed:
  • 0-49 were kept for giveaways by the developer of the team
  • 49-999 were minted at 0.08 BNB
  • 1000-7499 were minted at 0.16 BNB
  • 7500-9999 were minted at 0.32 BNB

2 in 1 NFTS

What is a 2 in 1 NFT? LittleGhosts was probably one of the first ones to create an 2 in 1 NFT. Originally, LittleGhosts stated in the beginning they were going to make an 2.5D MMO game. This worked out as they had 2D animated gifs that were going to be remade to match this style of game. Later, after the developers seen the success and potential in LittleGhosts they knew an 2.5D MMO was not going to be enough, so they ambitiously decided to create an 3D MMO.
Each 2D LittleGhost were given an exact render of itself in 3D for free. Now, holders of LittleGhosts can see there NFT in 2 different ways instead of having to mint another NFT like many projects force there holders to do.
3D LittleGhost
2D LittleGhost
When visiting the LittleGhosts website all you have to do is click the cog icon in the top right corner and toggle between 3D and 2D.

Adding to your wallet

When buying an NFT on our marketplace it will automatically be stored in your wallet on the blockchain. You can view it on our website by going to the collection section.
Depending on the wallet you use, some have a way of viewing the NFT directly in their app.If you use Trust Wallet it should automatically appear after a few minutes directly in the NFTs section. If you use MetaMask mobile add the contract address and your token ID which you can find on the collection page to have it show up in the app.
  • LittleGhosts BNBChain contract : 0x98f606a4cdde68b9f68732d21fb9ba8b5510ee48


There is lots of utility surrounding the LittleGhosts NFT Collection including:
  • Governance in the DAO to help shape the ecosystem and direction of LittleGhosts
  • Will act as an item in the game giving your ghost a cosmetic override and additional bonuses.
  • and much more...
The two biggest utilities surround LittleGhosts is their utility in game and the governance they have to shape the ecosystem.

Utility in game

The ghosts will offer different passive bonuses in game when equipped in the Misc. slot. The breakdown of the bonuses were dependent on the ranks of the ghost after initial generation.
  • Rank 1-100 +8 every bonus
  • Rank 101-1000 +6 every bonus
  • Rank 1001-3000 +5 every bonus
  • Rank 3001+ +4 every bonus
This can be explained further by giving you an example. Imagine you have Ghost that is ranked 500, when equipping that ghost in the Misc. slot you will be given an +6 in every bonus. This means the ghost will give you a +6 Melee Attack Bonus, +6 Archery Attack Bonus, +6 Magic Attack Bonus, +6 Melee Defense Bonus, +6 Archery Defense Bonus, and a+6 Magic Defense Bonus.
Also, custom ghosts which include every 1:1, vampire, alien, and ERTH ghosts will also give you a special attack in game. You can find a more detailed breakdown of game stuff in our wiki.

EctoSkeletons NFT Collection

EctoSkeletons are pets in the game and will follow you around once you summon them. Once summoned, they will give you passive buffs. These buffs have all been randomized and put into the metadata of the skeletons. There are 2,500 unique EctoSkeletons with randomized traits and varying buffs. You can find more detailed information about the EctoSkeletons inside of the wiki. Each EctoSkeleton will also be given a 3D variant that will come out soon.