LittleGhosts is a play-to-earn mmorpg that is heavily based around cryptocurrency and NFTs. The game is powered by Unity and offers a truly unique 3D experience.

The Plan

Note: The white paper is a work in progress and will be updated as time goes on.
The projects vision is to create a profitable online game that is built off blockchain technologies to provide a decentralized transparent experience.

Our Values


We strive to be completely transparent in everything we do. By utilizing block chain tech like Chainlink and others, users can see the whole process of a service from start to finish on the blockchain.


Being heavily based around cryptocurrency we take great pride that most of our services are decentralized through smart contracts. This ensures trust in our community that one person does not hold too much power in our ecosystem.

Community oriented

Another important value that we have is being community oriented. By implementing players feedback through our DAO we can make sure we are adding updates that players will want. Although our team is effective in making most of the content we want to make sure we take the players suggestions into consideration.
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