LittleGhosts MMO

The biggest aspect in the LittleGhosts ecosystem is the MMO game that is inspired from greek mythology and built using Unity.
LittleGhosts is a free-to-play, play-to-earn MMO game inspired by Greek mythology, built on the Unity 3D engine. It uses both on-chain and off-chain technologies to achieve cross-chain capability. The game is designed to attract traditional gamers into the crypto scene by not requiring players to have a crypto wallet to play the game and to receive rewards.
LittleGhosts offers gamers a truly unique MMO experience and the opportunity to earn crypto while playing. The game is balanced for both casual and pro gamers, with laid back target-based game mechanics. Players can join up in groups to explore the Dark Dungeon, fight bosses, and earn rewards including rare items and crypto.
The game also features social elements, allowing players to chat with friends, meet new people, and dress up their ghosts in the latest fashion.
LittleGhosts utilizes blockchain technologies including Chainlink VRF, IPFS, Syntropy, Arweave, and more to power the game. The game's play-to-earn pools are automatically funded by a percentage of all micro-transactions. The $ECTO token is deflationary, with a portion of all token transactions being burned.
You can find more game information on the wiki.