We have special tokenomics that are used to fund our ecosystem. Before buying ECTO, please read about them below.

Token Supply

The Total Supply for Ectoplasm or $ECTO is 1 Trillion tokens. The token breakdown is as follows:
  • 20% was initially burnt
  • 20% was used for the initial ICO
  • 20% will be used for CEX listings (Locked)
  • 15% will be used for a future staking pool
  • 10% was used to fund the PancakeSwap LP
  • 5% will be used for airdrops
  • 5% will be for the development team
  • 5% will be used for future game earnings
Note: Our Total Supply can never increase as we do not have access to mint more tokens.

Pre Game Taxes

The token will have a 7% buy tax and 15% sell tax to reward holders and fund our ecosystem until the game is released. The tax breakdown pre game will be as followed:
~53% of the tax be used to reward holders of the token directly in BUSD automatically
~13% of the tax be used to reward holders of our LittleGhost NFT in BNB
~34% of the tax will go to the team for marketing and development purposes
The contract collects tokens until it reaches 1.25b. Once it reaches 1.25b, the contract sells to PancakeSwap and rewards holders.
Disclaimer: These taxes will only exist until the game is released.

Game Taxes

After the game is released into BETA, the taxes will need to be changed to help grow the funds in the play-to-earn pools. Do you not like this because you do not want to play the game only earn? Read the xECTO NFTS section you can still earn by renting out your xECTO NFTs. Instead though these taxes promote people playing the game which in turn creates more revenue for the ecosystem and more people online. Let people play the game for you. The tax system will be broken down like this which will be a 10% tax both on sales and buys:
  • 5% tax for play to earn reward pools
  • 3% tax for BUSD given to Ecto holders
  • 2% tax for Manual Ecto Buy Back and Burns